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so_out_of_icons's Journal

Icons and Other Graphics by Lionchilde (so_out_of_ideas @LJ)

The Evil Genius Icon Dump site
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The graphics journal of Lionchilde (so_out_of_ideas@ LJ)
Just another icon journal. This one is for Lionchilde (aka so_out_of_ideas.) I make a lot of icons in big batches, and my personal journal has gotten difficult to maintain even with tagging and memories, so I bit the bullet and made a community for my graphics. If you like what you see, stop by my personal journal.

Membership is open, feel free to join, but it is not necessary to view posts.

Layout by gossymer

Image and resource credits can be found here on my personal journal because that's where it's been forever.

The Stuff The Girl The Heroes
If you're here, it's probably for the stuff.

Icons and Graphics
Because I tend to make lots of icons, my journal was becoming cluttered. Old posts are still on my personal journal, but I am slowly moving everything. New graphics can be found on so_out_of_icons.

Everything is free for the taking unless otherwise noted.

I make mainly clean, simple textless icons. They can be used as bases. You don't have to ask. I do, however, like to know what is helpful to you guys, so please comment if you use. It encourages me. Really.

I make icons in L A R G E batches, usually whole episodes, seasons or films. To keep things a bit more dial-up friendly, I try to post about 160 icons at a time and then create a link table to the posts for each set, like these for the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. I don't always have the time or energy, and there are some old posts that haven't been organized this way, so check the tags.

I do try to post to icon sharing comms regularly, but sometimes I'm too tired, and sometimes I just don't feel up to it. If you like what you see and want regular updates, you're always welcome to friend.

It was probably inevitable that I started posting my writing here. I am a writer, after all. Occasionally, I do post my original work on LJ. For the moment, this is f-locked. I will be creating a custom friends group in the near future for those who care to read. I know most of the folks who drop by are here for fanfiction, and I don't want to clutter your friends' pages.

My Daniel/Vala series' Rediscovered Hearts, Taking the Long Way, and The Games People Play are now archived on dv_hearts. Feel free to join the comm, but you don't need to join to read the fic.

One Path: An Obidala Tale, a co-creation between myself and aruna7 is archived on shipper_asylum. Again, feel free to join, but you don't need to join in order to read.

Fics in other fandoms or fics not related to the series' can be found on so_out_of_fic.

Update notices for any of my fic series are posted here before they reach fic communities. If you don't want to wait for me to get around to posting in the comms, you're welcome to friend me.

Textures, both icon sized and larger, are tagged as textures. Not much to say here. Most are hosted on box.net so the files are permanently available. If you'd like one of my older sets that used to be on megaupload or another temporary file hosting service, please comment and I would be happy to reup for you.

Anything you don't see and would like (bases, a certain kind of texture, etc, can be requested here

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved stories. She lived in a medium sized yellow house in a magical place called Lindenhurst, with her mother, her aunt and uncles, and her Grandma and Grandpa. Her favorite stories were always about heroes and princes. In fact, it was said that the little girl's Grandpa was a prince--at least, that's what she called him. Grandma had a book in her room with the most wonderful story of all. Although the little girl was too young to read it by herself, she loved to sit for hours and look at the beautiful pictures in the book. Since Grandma and Grandpa knew the story so well, the little girl knew it too.

The hero of this wonderful story was a prince who traveled a long way to save his friends from a wicked king in a far away country. For a long time, the prince disguised himself, and not even his closest friends knew who he really was. Then the day came when the prince was to do battle with the wicked king--and this is where the story gets strange. The good prince didn't take a sword into battle. In fact, he didn't even own one. Instead, he won the fight by giving up his life to save his friends--and he did give his life. No had the power to take it from him, but he laid it down, and then he took it up again.

Now, the little girl loved a good sword fight. She knew that if he had wanted to, the good prince could have wiped the floor with the wicked king. That was the way it was with heroes, but of all the many heroes that the little girl knew and loved, she would always love the good prince best, because he showed her that it was only with love that the wicked king could really be vanquished.

One day, the little girl's mother got married and she had to leave her Grandma and Grandpa behind. She moved away from Lindenhurst to a dark forest where there were lots of scary things that howled in the night, and she forgot about princes and heroes for a while. The little girl was growing up. Then she met a Lion, who breathed on her and brought her back to life. He reminded her of the stories she loved, and especially of the good prince.

In fact, he told her that the good prince was not a fairy tale at all. So, the girl packed her things, took some empty scrolls and went in search of the good prince. She traveled all over the kingdom, and sat at the feet of many teachers. Some were wise and honest; some were swindlers, and some were as wicked as the terrible old king.

The girl learned many things on her journey. She met new heroes, whom she came to love, and she even met some villains that she loved just as much. The scrolls that she brought with her were soon full of her own stories--some about the heroes she met, and some about the heroes she could see only in her imagination. In all her travels, though, she never met the good prince, and she began to think that the Lion had only been a lion after all.

One day a man appeared dressed all in black and riding a shiny metal horse. He appeared to be kind and beautiful, and the girl fell in love. Soon, though, she discovered that things were not what they seemed. This hero was not a hero at all. Finally, the girl ran away and hid under a bridge in a little house with seven women and some noisy kids. There, she also found a book which told the story of the good prince. It wasn't like her Grandma's book. It was tattered and cracked and there were no beautiful pictures, but the girl didn't need them anymore, because she was old enough to read the story and understand.

She discovered that the good prince had been there all along--silently watching her journey and waiting for the girl to turn around. She thought that he would make all her sorrows go away and let her leave the little house under the bridge, but he didn't. He told her that she would have to stay and walk the road that she had chosen, because it was too late to go back the way they had come. He promised that he would stay with her and show her where to walk now, just as he had for his friends in the book. And he did.

This Is Not The End.

This is in no way a complete representation of my fandoms. The most recent list I have is here if you want a better view of my collection of heroes. (And ships)
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide
Friend this journal? Sure. If you want. No need to ask, but unless I know you from someplace (even an LJ community) I may not friend back. It doesn't mean I'm an elitist or something; I'm just busy and don't often check my profile page for new friends, and I like to know someone a little before I start seeing their entries on my friends' page.

Also...I'm lazy, and I know I won't want to type this a million times, so, I'll put it here.

Rules are Your Friends

Comment if you like the stuff. Please don't hotlink.

Credit is appreciated, but not absolutely required.

Please don't claim the work as your own. I post them other places on the web anyway and eventually someone will see you and tell me...then I'll have to point and laugh at you here.


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* (4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work. The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.

When lazy, I get my icon table here: Icon Table Generator