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Master List of Icon Posts

I have a tendency to make large sets of icons (like, entire seasons worth) and either forget or be unmotivated to post them to communities. In fact, sometimes I don't even post them at all for long periods of time. So what I end up with is a huge number of icon posts that I want to post to comms and stuff at once. In the past I've done link tables with teasers for each post, but I'm finding that I don't have time to do that anymore. For the past couple of months I've been trying to compile a Master List of icon posts, but LJ's character limit kept thwarting me.

This is what I ended up with. For now, at least, all movies are listed together. The movie list contains links to individual icon posts. TV shows are listed by series with links to the individual posts. I may eventually have to break it up by season, but let's hope I won't have to. The "Misc TV Shows" post contains links to icon posts for shows that I have no plans to create a large collection for.

If you want to snag from more than one post, feel free to just leave a comment here. Comments are appreciated and encourage new goodies in particular fandoms; credit helps others to know where to find the stuff.

Movie Icon Links (Including the Star Wars icons)


Andromeda Icon Links

Misc TV Icon Links (There may be some older cartoon show posts I've left off of this. If there's anything you're looking for and can't find, do let me know.)

Neon Genesis Evangelion Icon Links

Sailor Moon Icon Links (More coming)

SG-1 Icon Links

Star Trek Icon Links

X-Men: TAS Icon Links (These caps are from a TV rip so quality isn't quite up to my usual standards, but I've never found better caps, so I doubt they exist...)

Image Credits for the Current Update

My complete resource list including image credits can be found here. It was last updated 12/18/09. Anything that actually APPEARS on the comm is listed to the best of my knowlege. More recent image/resource credits, if they exist, can be found above.

Yes, these can be used as bases. However, I am more than willing to add text to an icon for someone if they don't have adequate knowledge of graphic art to do so. Please just ask, and always feel free to show me what you've done.
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