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Donation Packs--Please help a little if you can.

+2 here on my blog.

As an update. I now have $14.50 in donations, minus paypal fees. Thank you to the folks who've donated. One of my blog followers did offer to host some of my zip files, but he doesn't have a lot of space, so I don't know if it will be a viable long term solution as the blog grows, and he won't be hosting any of my fanart or LJ stuff. That means I need to continue taking donations for Photobucket or another means of hosting.

Like my graphics? Please help out a little if you can. This is my hobby and I don't expect donations to keep it going. I understand a lot of people are also going through hard times right now. I always said that I quit if this got to be too expensive. I don't want to do that, but my only other option right now is to ask for help.

As I said in my other post, I'm out of work due to injury and I've had a lot of unexpected large expenses come up. Photobucket is changing their price plans and I'm not going to be able to sustain a paid account there, which means I'll have to delete a lot of icon sets if I want to keep using the account.
into Jesus

Donation Packs--Please help a little if you can.

Hello everyone. As I mentioned in a recent post I hurt my arm really badly. It's worse than I initially thought. I don't know when I'll be able to go back to work, since my job is to type for my boss. I had a lot of unexpected big expenses in 2012, including emergency medical bills, medical equipment, and doctor visits that I needed to pay for out of pocket. Those bills are taken care of and I have enough to get by on, but things are going to be very tight.

I need a new computer. I'm not sure I can afford that, and I know I can't afford to do that and continue pay for the hosting costs related to this blog. (It's a blogspot page, so yes, it's free, but all of the content is hosted privately--and there is a lot of high res content, so I can't just switch to free plans.  Once my paid accounts on PB, Flickr and Mediafire go, so will all the freebies. That includes not only the resources but ALL of the livejournal/dreamwidth icons, all of the free graphics, and anything else that I have posted there over the years.)

I really love doing the blog, and it's important to me to keep as much of my content as possible free for everyone to use.

So, this is what I am going to do. I am looking to raise about $500 toward a new computer and/or $100 toward hosting costs.

In the next few days, I will be adding several more gift packs.

Anybody who donates any amount of money--even a dime--can choose to download ALL the gift packs I offer.  Just post a comment or leave your email address in the comment box on paypal and I will send you whatever ones you ask for.

Anybody who donates $5.00 or more can request a custom pack.

If you are on Livejournal or Dreamwidth, you can also request custom icons.
Anyone can request a custom site header or a wallpaper or other large graphic.

$1 gets you 10 icons or 1 large graphic.
$5 will get you 50 icons or 5 large graphics.
The more you donate, the more I will do for you, up to 250 icons.

I would prefer not to do slash pairings--NO, I am not a homophobe, I just think the vast majority of slash pairings in my fandoms are weird/gross and I can't type enough to provide a list of what I will and won't do--but at this point, if someone wants to donate for that, I'll consider it.

You can click here to visit my blog and use the donate button in the sidebar. You do not need a paypal account.

Thank you in advance; I really appreciate any help you can give.